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If chipped, misshaped or a less then perfect smile are getting you down, veneers may be the answer.

Veneers are quickly becoming the treatment of choice for people wanting to improve the look of their smile.  Veneers are not just for the famous or people featured on television makeover shows.  Many of the patients in our Cincinnati dental office are asking for veneers because they can dramatically improve the person’s smile in several short visits.

A porcelain veneer is a thin, custom-made covering that conceals the front and side surfaces of a tooth, much like a mask or an artificial fingernail.  But unlike a fingernail, veneers are made of a very durable ceramic material that actually strengthens a tooth.  With proper maintenance, veneers often last a lifetime.

Veneers are versatile; they can correct stains, breaks, and odd shapes and they can lengthen individual teeth.

What to expect when getting veneers

Getting veneers can take several visits.  The first visit with Dr. Omeltschenko will be simply to take a look at your smile and discuss what your want to accomplish with your teeth.  At that time we can discuss whether you are a candidate for Porcelain Veneers.  The next step is a complete examination that may include x-rays, models made from molds of your teeth, and a series of digital photos.

Your next visit will be to begin your treatment.  Dr. Omeltschenko will first get you numb and then prepare your teeth so that the veneers will fit to them.  Next he will make you temporary veneers that will be a preview of your final porcelain veneers.  You will be able to leave this appointment wearing your temporary veneers and already see the difference in what your new smile will look like!

You will return in about 2 weeks for your 2nd treatment visit.   Dr. Omeltschenko will show you your porcelain veneers and, upon your approval, will bond them to your teeth.  And there you will have it…your beautiful new smile!  Camera ready…or job interview ready…or date ready!

How much do veneers cost?

While dentist’s fees vary, in Cincinnati the average price range for a veneer is between $900 – $1,500 per tooth. To see our price for veneers, visit our price list page.