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Tooth Extractions

Getting a tooth extracted can be painless at Total Dentistry in Cincinnati. 

If you’ve got a tooth that is badly decayed, broken or loose from gum disease, you may be facing having it extracted.  For many, the idea of having a tooth pulled produces a lot of anxiety.  After all, there’s a reason for the saying, “It’s like pulling teeth!”

We know that having a tooth extracted is never going to be as enjoyable as a bubble bath or as stress-free as a walk on the beach.  However, Dr. Omeltschenko will make sure that you are comfortable throughout the procedure by explaining all the steps to you and using local anesthetics to get you completely numb.

Avoid additional problems by replacing your extracted tooth

At your visit, Dr. Omeltschenko will discuss with you the “domino” effect that happens when a tooth is extracted.  Having a missing tooth can lead to problems with chewing and with your jaw joint.  A missing tooth can also cause the remaining teeth to shift into the now open space and lead to poor “occlusion”, which can cause the remaining teeth to crack and even break.

To avoid these complex problems, Dr. Omeltschenko will always determine if your tooth can be saved before completing an extraction.  If an extraction is the only option, he will discuss replacing the missing tooth with either a partial, bridge or dental implant.

Cost of an extraction

The cost of an extraction will vary, depending on the complexity of removing the tooth.  To see a list of the fees at our Cincinnati dental office, visit our Total Dentistry Price List page.

For patients with insurance, we will be happy to determine how much your plan will contribute towards an extraction.  We often see policies pay as much as 80% towards the price of an extraction, after the deductible has been met.

For patients without insurance, we encourage you to join our Dental Savings Plan.  This plan offers free cleanings, exams and x-rays, as well as valuable savings off our other dental services, including extractions.

If you are in Cincinnati and need a tooth extracted, you will be in good hands at Total Dentistry.  Don’t wait any longer to start your treatment, call us today at (513) 245-2200.