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Dentures are really a last resort in dentistry, as we are always looking to save teeth for the comfort and practicality of our patients.  However, sometimes dentures become a reality for our patients and we want to give them the best denture possible.

We DO NOT create “Dentures in a day” and are not “Affordable Dentures-R-Us”

But please don’t let that scare you!  While we may not create cheap, fast dentures, what we do create is comfortable, natural looking dentures that will fit as best as possible.  The reality is that cheap, fast dentures can sound appealing, but many patients who have gone this route before seeing us tell us that they are virtually useless.  They don’t fit well, they hurt to wear and they don’t look good.  The denture ends up being a waste of time and money.

We DO create natural looking dentures

The difference in dentures created by Dr. Omeltschenko versus “dentures in a day” is that he carefully customizes each denture from start to finish.  Dr. Omeltschenko starts by using the best impression technology on the market.  Put simply, not all impressions are created equal, and getting an accurate impression is a pivotal step.  Then Dr. Omeltschenko works with each individual patient to determine the “look” they are going for with their dentures.  Some people want a perfect smile and others want some flaws for a truly natural look.  Whichever a patient chooses, Dr. Omeltschenko makes sure that the dentures have a natural looking texture, have natural looking pigmentation added and don’t have the overly shiny, pink, polished gum look.  This level of customization can’t be done in one short visit.  The process, on average, takes about four appointments spread out over a six week period.

We encounter 3 types of denture patients in our office:

1)  Those who have never had a denture before and are getting one for the first time.

2)  Those who have a denture that is worn/broken/ill-fitting and need a new denture.

3)  Those who have a loose fitting denture and want to secure it with dental implants.

For Those Getting a Denture for the First Time

When patients are getting a denture for the first time, the process takes longer than for someone who is simply replacing an existing denture.  New denture wearers need to have teeth extracted prior to receiving a denture.  Extracting teeth, especially numerous teeth, can be very traumatic to the tissues and jaw bone in the mouth.  It often takes six months to a year for the swelling to go down and the jaw bone to settle.

Because of this, Dr. Omeltschenko has found the best way to get new denture patients a tight fitting denture is to provide them with a temporary denture (immediate denture) while their mouth heals and to later create the custom final denture.  An immediate denture is a quick, affordable denture that does not offer customization but works well to give patients “teeth” while they heal.  Once the mouth has healed, Dr. Omeltschenko will begin the process of creating the custom-fitted, natural looking final denture.  From here the process will be the same for someone needing a new denture (see more details below.)

For Those Needing a New Denture

Over time, dentures may break, become worn or simply not fit anymore.  Often this means the patient needs a new denture made.  In order to create a natural looking, tight-fitting denture Dr. Omeltschenko uses the following process:

Appointment 1: Take impressions of the patients mouth

Appointment 2: Patient returns for a “wax rim try-in”.  This is a wax model of the denture with no “teeth” placed on it.  It is fitted in to see how the fit is working between the bottom and top jaw.

Appointment 3: Patient returns for a “try-in with teeth”.  At this visit the patient will try in the model of the denture and be able to see what the teeth look like and check the fit.  This is where the look of the denture can really be tweaked.

Appointment 4: Patient returns to receive their final denture.

For Those Looking to Secure a Denture with Dental Implants

Sometimes no amount of customization can create a good-fitting denture.  This happens to denture patients because over time their jaw bones diminish, or literally fade away as a result of having no teeth.  The jaw bone’s purpose is to hold in teeth, without a purpose, the jaw bone deteriorates.  However, there is a solution!  Dental Implants, which are small, titanium “screws” that can be placed into the jaw bone, can be used to secure a denture in place.  The denture is fitted with “snaps” the snap the denture onto the implants, creating a secure denture that won’t move.

Many patients are intimidated by the idea of having a “screw” placed into their jaw bone, but the process is actually quick, non-invasive, and patients report experiencing very little discomfort.  To learn more about this, visit our Dental Implants page.