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6 Month Braces

With Six Month Smiles we can offer our adult patients braces that are clear, on average are completed in 6 months, and cost considerably less than other invisible braces. 

We find that many of our adult patients missed out on braces as a kid, but really want to have straight teeth.  However, they don’t want to deal with unsightly metal braces or spend 2-3 years of their life to get the desired result.  No problem. Six-Month Smiles are braces which use nearly invisible brackets and wires, along with light forces to straighten teeth in about 6 months.

How does Six-Month Smiles work?

Six-Month Smiles combines tried and true orthodontic methods with new technology to move your teeth quickly and safely.  Clear brackets and light wires are used with the primary focus of moving the teeth that are visible when you smile.  The emphasis is on the cosmetic appearance of your smile, rather than the position of your bite.

Can Six-Month Smiles work for anyone?

You do need to be an adult (15 years of age or older) to be a candidate for Six-Month Smiles.  Since Six-Month Smile’s primary focus is cosmetic, it may not be appropriate for those requiring changes to their bite pattern, though most adults are candidates.  For those patients who require more extensive orthodontic treatment, of course we do still offer traditional braces.

Are Six-Month Smiles braces safe and proven?

Short-term braces have been around for a while, but the Six-Month Smiles technology, using clear brackets and space-age wires have made the method more predictable and proven.  Six-Month Smiles are safe and have no more risks of root damage or other issues than those associated with traditional orthodontics.

How does the cost compare to other options for straightening teeth?

The short-term nature of Six-Month Smiles, along with its ease of use for the dentists, mean this system is often considerably less than other options, such as Invisalign.