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A beautiful smile may be more attainable than you think


We know how unhappy people can be with their missing teeth and the options available to replace them.

We hear it every day…I’m embarrassed to smile…I hate wearing this partial!…I’ve already had this bridge re-made two times!…I can’t eat anything with this loose denture!…I can’t afford over $4,000 to replace one tooth with an implant!


Traditional teeth replacement options have been unpopular with patients.

Until recently, the solutions for those with missing teeth were, admittedly, pretty undesirable.  Bridges require natural teeth to be ground down to anchor the bridge to the remaining teeth.  Partials and dentures are bulky and no one likes wearing them.


Dental Implants to the rescue.

Advances in dentistry have brought in the era of dental implants to replace missing teeth.  A dental implant consists of a titanium “root” with a dental crown placed on top to in essence, give patients back a natural looking, secure tooth.  Because they closely mimic your natural tooth, dental implants are the preferred choice of dentists to replace a missing tooth.  However, at an average cost of over $4,000 per tooth, they haven’t always been the least expensive treatment option.


Why we’re more affordable

By completing the entire dental implant procedure in-house, Dr. Omeltschenko is able to offer implants at a starting price of $2,500.  Dr. Omeltschenko completes all aspects of the procedure in his Cincinnati dental office, eliminating the need to work with a separate Oral Surgeon, Prosthodontist, and lab.


Begin treatment today with monthly payment plans

We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful smile…today!  Patients can get started on treatment immediately by taking advantage of one of our monthly payment plans. To learn more about the plans offered, visit our Fees and Insurance page.


Use implants to replace a missing tooth

For patients who only need one or two teeth replaced, we offer single tooth implants.  Implants can be a much more sensible choice than bridges, especially at a cost of $2,500 which is even less expensive than the going rate for a bridge at most offices.

  • Implants look and feel like a natural tooth.
  • Implants preserve more of your healthy teeth by eliminating the need to grind down tooth structure to secure a bridge.
  • Implants won’t decay
  • Implants help prevent future bone loss


What to expect

After meeting with you to discuss your goals and completing an examination to determine treatment options, Dr. Omeltschenko will design a treatment approach tailored to your needs.  While each patient is unique, typically the implant process takes two visits which are scheduled approximately 3 months apart.  At the first visit, Dr. Omeltschenko will be placing the implant.  Then after 3 months a crown will be placed on the implant to complete the treatment.


Use implants to secure a denture

Imagine not having to worry about your denture slipping out when you bite into an apple or when you laugh.  With an implant supported denture you can have that confidence that your denture won’t put you into embarrassing situations.

  • Several implants will be place to “snap” the denture onto
  • The denture will be secure and not require a plastic or metal piece across the roof or floor of you mouth.
  • The implants will help prevent future bone loss