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CEREC® Same-Day Crowns

Restore your broken or badly decayed tooth in one visit with a  CEREC Same Day Crown.  

Chances are at some point in time in your life you are going to need to fix a tooth that is broken or decayed.  We’re hard on our teeth and many people have one or two (or more!) metal fillings in their mouth.  These fillings are made out of materials that can wear out, go bad, weaken the tooth or get additional decay around them.  With a CEREC same day crown or onlay, Dr. Omeltschenko can fix broken or decayed teeth and restore them to their natural beauty and strength – in a single visit.

Yes, that means you don’t have to take off work – or hire a babysitter – twice (like with traditional crowns at most dental offices.)  It also means you don’t have to get numb twice and you don’t even have to have gooey impressions taken!

Dr. Omeltschenko is able to accomplish this with the use of a CEREC machine.  The machine can make crowns and onlays utilizing CAD/CAM technology and a milling chamber.

Dr. Omeltschenko is one of the most highly trained dentists in Cincinnati utilizing a CEREC machine.  He has been using this technology in his Cincinnati dental office for over 10 years and was one of the first dentist’s in the city to offer this to his patients.

And the best part is, it’s pretty cool to watch your new crown being designed on the screen right before your eyes!  Hmmm, or maybe the best part is that you don’t have to pay extra for this comfort and convenience – a CEREC crown costs the same as a lab crown.

CEREC Exam and Preparation

First, Dr. Omeltschenko will examine the tooth and determine the appropriate treatment.  It could be that he will use the CEREC machine to create an onlay (a durable ceramic filling) or the entire tooth may need covered with a crown.  Next he will numb the area and then prepare the damaged tooth just as he would with any other restorative technique.

Optical Impression

Next, Dr. Omeltschenko needs to create an impression of the prepared tooth to make the onlay or crown.  To do this he paints a thin layer of reflective powder directly on the tooth’s surface.  Using a special camera, he then takes a picture of the tooth, which serves as a pin sharp optical impression.  There is no need to place a goop-filled tray into your mouth to obtain an impression!

Designing your Restoration

A computer reads the optical impression and, using Computer Aided Design, Dr. Omeltschenko designs a restoration based on these specifications.  The design is done chairside on a color monitor and patients can watch him design the new restoration right in front of their eyes.

Completing your Restoration

Once Dr. Omeltschenko has designed the restoration, the specifications for the restoration are electronically sent to a milling chamber where the restoration is made.  Using Computer Aided Manufacturing, a high-speed diamond bur and a disk simultaneously mill a precise restoration out of ceramic that matches the patient’s tooth color.  This process is called “milling” and takes approximately ten minutes.  Finally, Dr. Omeltschenko bonds the newly milled restoration to the tooth fusing the two together to become one.  The total procedure can be completed in about an hour and is all done chairside in one office visit.  You do not need to wear a temporary or return for a second visit.